I love to play the drums and create music, and I want those studying under me to feel the same way. While teaching a student, I try to ensure that a student is enjoying themselves, enjoying the music they’re creating, but are also being pushed to the next level of their playing and are expanding their horizons.

It is important to me that students push themselves into performance situations. “Sometimes you have to screw up in front of people to progress.” One of my teachers always said this and it has proven true time and time again. The more you perform, the more you become familiar with that situation. Because not every student is at or near a performing level, I recommend students commit to a year of study. With a specific goal in mind, students become more aware of what they’re learning and how to apply it and stay motivated to get what they want out of lessons.


Brandon - Father of Student - White Hall, AK

Since our son, Zane, has had lessons with Larry, he has improved tremendously. Even though he has his lessons over FaceTime, it’s just like Larry is there in person . . . We highly recommend Larry Shaw.


Gianna - Student - Laramie, WY

Working with Larry has been a very beneficial experience. He is an awesome teacher who provides a great learning environment . . . I highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone who is interested in furthering their education and ability in percussion.


Bowen - Student - Laramie, WY

Out of all the drum teachers that I have had, you are my favorite. You help me learn awesome stuff. Counting out beats and so much more. You are one of the reasons I will miss Laramie. 

For Parents

For younger students, it is recommended the parents help guide their student through their beginning stages of lessons and provide the student with encouragement and enthusiasm. For the students sake, help guide them or even practice with them during beginner exercises to help improve morality and understanding. Finally, to teach music you are also teaching a student basic life skills. Goal making, self-acceptance, personal responsibility, organization, and other life skills all come with learning a musical instrument. Helping ensure a student has practiced for an adequate amount of time, has learned their material, shows up to lesson and shows up on time can greatly help them progress as a human being.